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The following rules & guidelines will lay out how a faction should go during a war with another faction/s.

Faction management handlers may decide if an IC'ly beef between factions that leads to many disagreements/slaughter falls to war status or not.

If you would like to apply for a War Status then contact your faction handlers through discord via making a ticket. Before you apply, make sure that you've fulfilled the following:

  • You're a leader of a faction with handlers.
  • You haven't applied for war status or been involved in an official war for at least 3 weeks.
  • You made sure that you read the war status rules below.

After making your ticket regarding requesting a war, you will be given an application form that you need to fill.
If one side has a serious bigger amount of people than the other side, there will be no war.

A war can contain more than 2 factions indeed.
All the sides should agree to the war. Otherwise, there will be no war.
All the sides should agree to the goals of each faction. Otherwise, there will be no war.

You must have Faction Handlers.

  • You must have Faction Handlers in order to initiate the war.
  • Gangs that do not have faction management handlers cannot participate in an official war, period.
  • You must have valid reason for war. You must submit evidence of a build up of conflict. NLR must not be breached in the reason for war.
The faction that you want to go to war with must either be an official faction or a non-official faction that currently has faction management handlers.
  • An official faction is a faction that has gone through the process of reaching official status and has a good standing in the community, which gives them access to a special faction menu.
  • An unofficial faction with handlers is a faction that is interested in becoming official and is actively working on becoming official. Their handlers are staff that are a part of Faction Management tasked with assisting the faction in reaching official status.
Once your faction is under war status, you are not allowed to recruit members into your faction until the war ends.
  • The only exception to the above is recruiting members of the faction(s) you are at war with, also known as defectors. Defectors may switch sides for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:
    • Switching loyalties as they believe they may lose
    • For character development purposes (so long as it is supported by IC events)
    • To act as moles/spies
You may call any number of allies into the war, so long as they meet the following:
  • They are official or non-official but have handlers.
During The War
Once a war has been initiated, all participants and factions operate under the same War Status rules.

Kidnapping Rules

Kidnapping a member of a gang you are at war with is allowed so long as you have a good IC reason to.
  • Poor Reasons to kidnap someone include, but are not limited to:
    • Kidnapping someone based on their clothes or vehicle. You must identify someone as being a member of a gang you are at war with.
You cannot kill your hostages unless the following criteria is met:
  • They repeatedly ignore your demands or try to escape
  • The hostage fails to offer up information or meet your demands after a lengthy interrogation.
    • What constitutes a length interrogation is proportional to the demand or information trying to be extracted.
  • The gang the hostage is from refuses to negotiate, fails to meet your demands or attempts to free the hostages by force or deception.
Kidnappers must value the lives of their hostages so long as they have not met the criteria to kill them:
  • You must care for your hostage with food and water
  • You may torture your hostage, but may not kill the hostage if the condition to kill the hostage is not met.
  • Hostages must act in good faith and play fair, failing to do so may result in punishments and your exclusion from the war.
    • As a hostage, you should never abuse bugs or try to clip yourself to escape.
    • If the server restarts or crashes you should never abuse the teleport feature to escape.
    • You should never try to escape if it is clear a bug is the cause of your escape, for example, a door being open that you know should be locked, texture bug, etc...
    • If at any point you accidentally 'escape' you should make a report to request a staff member return you to where you should be.
  • Gangs may attempt to release their allies by force or negotiation.
    • You must not purposely alert PD attention to the kidnap victims or their location in an attempt to have PD release your faction members on your behalf.
Kidnappers must release their hostages if the hostage meets the demands of their kidnappers or their gang meets the demands for their release:
  • A hostage must be released with a reasonable chance of survival. This means they must be released with enough food, water, and a realistic amount of clothing to successfully return to safety (such as the city if they were released in the desert).
  • Gangs may not use releasing hostages as an opportunity to capture or retake hostages if demands have successfully been met.
    • Such as releasing a hostage to form an ambush so that you may take a higher ranking member.
  • Former hostages may be re-kidnapped again in the future.
Any demands made for the release of a hostage or demands made of a hostage must be realistically achievable and reasonable
  • This means not making excessively unreasonable demands that cannot be achieved or are disproportionate to the ransom.
  • This means not making purposely unachievable demands or demands you know the other gang cannot fulfill in order to achieve an ulterior motive, such as WK'ing the hostage.
  • Properties may not be exchanged in return for a hostage, this would be considered an end of war goal.

War Kill System (WK)
The War Kill system is a system for promoting in-depth RP, risk, and increasing the value of certain faction members compared to others. It is also a way in which factions can affect the balance of power or issue permanent damage to a faction for the duration of the war. When someone is removed from the war under the WK system they are considered to be 'War Killed' (WK'd) and can no longer participate.

For the duration of the war, all participants operated under the WK system.
  • This means a player may be permanently removed from a war as a consequence of IC events that take place.
A WK must be approved by faction management handlers.
  • This means that just because you kill another player during the war does not automatically mean that player is considered WK'd and can no longer participate in the war.
For someone to be considered WK'd they must participate in a noteworthy RP scenario, such as:
  • The individual was killed because their gang failed to meet the demands of their release while imprisoned by another gang.
  • The individual died while being tortured or while under interrogation because they failed to supply you with information or meet your demands.
  • The individual died as a consequence of an in-depth RP scenario witnessed by a significant number of people.
  • Ultimately Faction Management will decide if someone is considered to be WK'd.
  • A player who gets killed by special forces such as SWAT etc., would be considered as WK.
  • If a player gets locked up in jail, he is considered to be WK'ed and isn't allowed to get back to the war, unless he gets broken out by his members.

Faction Management may declare someone WK'd at any time if it is deemed necessary.
  • If you repeatedly break rules or RP outside of good faith you may be declared WK'd
  • You may be declared WK'd if Faction Management considers it to make sense given the RP scenario, even if a WK was not requested
  • If we believe you are ruleplaying. Such as, but not limited to, making sure your characters dies to avoid capture during a shootout.
If you are WK'd you must abide by NLR. Your participation in the War is over. Characters that are WK'd should:
  • Not in any way assist their faction or hinder opposing factions.
  • Avoid areas frequented by your faction, such as HQs are regular hang-out spots.
  • Avoid contact and not in anyway communicate with members of your faction who are not themselves considered WK'd.
    • This means you may not contact or communicate with them in person, via text, radio or any other means where possible
    • You may not be on the frequency of your faction while they remain at war.
  • Not passively help their faction or any of its non WK'd members, such as by (but not limited to):
    • Giving members money, weapons or any other resources.
    • Lending vehicles to members
    • Offering information or intelligence that may assist your faction or hinder the opposing factions

It is important that both official and non-official understand the effect of your actions and your moves may have on your factions, government factions and the wider server as a whole and the potential IC and OOC consequences that may come about due to your actions.

Government Factions and Law Enforcement
Being at war doesn't mean that law enforcement will not try to stop the war. We expect your actions and moves to be as much realistic as possible to avoid attention from citizens and law enforcement. Law enforcement attention may lead to several consequences.

Having a high ratio of your gang might result in some of the members getting locked up. In this case, if a player gets locked up during a war, he is permanently removed from the war (same as WK).

Bringing the attention of Law Enforcement may result in raids that can affect the war.

Faction management may declare your war is over if we feel you have developed an unrealistic attitude to Law Enforcement, such as, but not including:

  • Randomly and without merit kidnapping and killing officers for trivial reasons like a traffic stop
  • Disregarding the server as attempting to simulate a state within a first world nation by overtly displaying your hostility, such as, but not limited to:
    • Recklessly driving around in large convoys with no regards to traffic laws
    • Openly and publicly displaying illegal weaponry in public locations
    • Disregarding locations of law enforcement such as government buildings or police stations.

As mentioned before, during a war we expect your action to affect government factions and civilians as little as possible. This means making sure civilians and the operations of other government factions do not needlessly get caught up in your battles or negotiations or that civilians and other factions indirectly become a part of your war.

If your war beings to affect too much on the server, we may declare the war is over, which will affect your faction.

We expect your war to have little effect on civilians and players not involved in the war as little as possible. This means not:
  • Taking civilians as hostages
  • Using civilians to benefit yourself in the war
  • Recruiting civilians and non-participating members to help you in any way.
We expect your war to have a little effect on other non-law enforcement government factions as little as possible. This means not:
  • Holding employees hostage
  • Getting involved in skirmishes, battles, or doing dealings on or near other factions HQs
  • Taking pursuits or chases to other faction HQs
  • Joining other factions to use their resources to benefit your war
  • Using the resources of other factions to benefit your war
    • The only exception to this is getting medical treatment for your allies.

End of War
A war may be ended in two ways. Either the gangs reach terms themselves and agree to end the war or Faction Management declares a winner.

Resolved By Negotiation

The two parties involved in a war (Attacking and defending) may independently decide to resolve a war and put forth their own demands and negotiations. These negotiations may resolve the war or fall through and fail to conclude the war.

Once a resolution is agreed you must send evidence of this resolution to Faction Management. Faction Management will then inform the factions when their war is officially over. One side may pull out of the agreement at any point before Faction Management declares the war officially over.
  • If one side fails to meet the demands of their negotiation during peacetime the gang may re-apply for War Status against the faction that failed to meet the demands at any point.
Demands during negotiation must be reasonable, proportional, and achievable.
  • This means not making demands that, if fulfilled, would mean the faction would be disbanded or dismantled.
  • This means not making demands that you know the other faction cannot full fill so that you can continue the war indefinitely.
  • This means not making demands that are far in excess of the severity of the war.
    • What is considered excessive will vary from war to war depending on the length of the war, how damaged each faction is, what the reasons for the war are, and IC situations that developed during the war.

Resolved By Faction Management
A war may be resolved by Faction Management for a number of reasons at any point, for both IC and OOC purposes. If you believe you've done significant enough damage to another faction you may request.

Faction Management MAY decide to conclude a war for reasons such as:
  • All high ranking members of a gang have been WK'd
  • A faction leader is kidnapped and imprisoned for 24 hours without their gang being able to break them out.
  • A faction being unable to maintain a hold on their HQ for a period of over 24 hours.
The winning side of a war resolved by Faction management may be subject to gain the losses of the losing gang.
  • The winning side will acquire winnings in accordance with their stated war goal that was declared in their war status application.
Faction Management may declare a war over or voided if any of the factions persist in displaying poor RP or breaking rules, for which a faction may suffer losses or consequences as a result.

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