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Server Change-logs 2/7/2020

Discussion in 'Server Change-Log' started by Makedonce_, Feb 7, 2020.

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    DW:RP Development Update Changelog
    Release Date: 2020-2-7
    Type of release: Feature/Bug Fixing

    -New MD
    The MD is now split in the new side and the old side which are connected with a elevator.
    The elevator is devided in 1st floor which is the new refurbished MD then on the 6th floor you have the old MD and on the last floor which is 12th is the roof of the MD.

    -Repair Kit
    You can buy a repair kit now for just 950 $ at any 24/7 store . To use it you must be near a car and open your inventory (I) and then use the reapir kit and it should automatically do the script of repairing the vehicle.

    The mechanic has a command that allows him to fix vehicles that have been damaged.

    -Sync and Vehicle Damages
    When you buy a vehicle and you damage it at 70% you can no longer drive since the engine would be stalled and you would have to call the local Mechanic or buy a handy reapir kit at any 24/7 store for 950$.

    - Sync Of Characters
    When you are in a roleplay situation and you get hurt and your health is lower you must stay near the position you were hurt and not flee the roleplay scene , you must roleplay the wounds .

    -New Command For Paying Someone
    To give someone money just type /pay [Their ID] [The amount] .

    -Binds to turn on the engine and turn it off have been fixed.
    Arrow UP - To turn on the engine
    Arrow Down - To turn the engine off

    Chip x32bit ( Will be considered an illegal item during a RP Scenario)
    Chip x64bit ( Will be considered a legal item during a RP Scenario)
    ' To buy these items you must find out the location ICLY '

    - Hacking ATM's
    If you want to hack a ATM you need a Chip x32 bit or Chip x64 bit depending on the system of the ATM.
    The command to hack an ATM is /hackbankomat when you are infront of it.

    -Swat Uniform
    -Fixed Elevator in MD
    -Fixed Prices in the Gun Shop
    -Fixed Prices of clothes (Not 0$ Anymore)
    -New Bind to stop an Animation is CTRL+Z
    -New bind to put Hands Up is CTRL+X
    -Fixed the F bind when entering a vehicle as a passenger
    If you wish to be in the driver seat of a vehicle you must press F , If you wish to be in the passenger seat hold F for a second or so.
    -The server optimization is better

    -Added Morfium which helps you heal faster in the MD.
    Morfium can now be bought from EMS Employees that has a license to distribute Morfium.

    - Timer to respawn now changed to 7 minutes until MD arrives to the scene.

    -Changed animation when you are hurt . ( Not buggy anymore )

    - Found and Fixed/Patched the server crash from today and it won't happen again.

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